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Fethullah Gülen Chair for Intercultural Studies (GCIS)


Parties to this agreement:

Intercultural Dialogue Platform VZW, Brussels and the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Chair holder:

Johan Leman (KU Leuven)


Erkan Toguslu (KU Leuven)

Associate members (KU Leuven)

Nadia Fadil, Idesbald Goddeeris, Ides Nicaise, Chinglin Pang, Emilio Platti, Gino Schallenberg, Christiane Stallaert, Marc Vanlangendonck.

Purpose of the Chair:

- Stimulating research on intercultural understanding with a special focus on relations between Muslim communities and the wider society in Europe and in Belgium which includes the research on the Muslim presence in Europe and the implication of this presence on practice and policy, public life, ethics and education.

- Providing an academic platform where researchers can present, debate and exchange their findings on the study of Islam and Muslims in contemporary society, the minority and migration policies, and intercultural communication.

The intellectual property rights on the results of the scientific research conducted in connection with this Chair belong to KU Leuven. The Chair is part of IMMRC and participates at research in social and cultural anthropology.

Concrete programmes:

Programme 2012. Click here for the overview.