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IARA: Mission statement
The Institute for Anthropological Research on Africa (IARA) is, as its name suggests, committed to anthropological research in and on Africa. The latter term is understood in a very broad sense: it refers to Africa as a geographic political, economic, historical, social and an imaginary space, and to Africa's past, present and future. More importantly, it refers to the everyday lives of the different actors on the continent, and in its diasporas. But (way) more than by its geographical focus, the IARA is defined by its approach. Our team members are committed to actor-oriented, long-term participatory and sited research ('fieldwork '), qualitative research methods and up-to-par techniques borrowed from a range of subdisciplines and related fields, such as contemporary historiography, visual anthropology and nethnography. In this way, the IARA wants to shed light on the social, economic, political and ecological challenges facing Africans today, thereby trying to answer the question what it means to do anthropology in the twenty-first century. This approach is reflected in the IARA's main research concerns. These can be subsumed under three headings. Read more here.


The IARA is committed to long-term field research on past and contemporary issues in Africa. On our research pages you find our mission statement, info on research projects, seminars, and so on. >>>


Iara Staff and students carry out research in RDCongo, Ghana, Namibia, Burkina Fasso, Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania, South Africa. Here you find more on our completed and running projects, doctoral seminars, and more. >>>


Apart from publications, Iara also presents its work in different formats like exhibitions, documentaries, or short films. Click here for an overview of the different projects. >>>


Listed here are the conferences Iara organised and/or the panels in which members of Iara participate. >>>