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The Institute for Media Studies (IMS) conducts research on experiences with and usages of media platforms by individuals, (target) groups and organizations. This research takes shape in the form of parallel yet intersecting streams of research within the Institute. Strong focus is put on new technologies as illustrated in research on children and adolescents" internet use, online journalism, videogames and usability design. A state-of-the-art media centre and usability lab constitute the ideal biotope to stimulate such research. Another focus is on journalism studies: here the Institute works together with Journalism Studies Antwerp (JOSTA) and the Brussels Centre for Journalism Studies (BCJS). Together they constitute a research team studying news production and reception from different angles (i.e. message, producer, audience). Other central areas of study are strategic communication, popular culture and media industries. Through this wide range of academic research, the IMS supports educational programs in communication science, corporate communication and journalism studies.


Coordinator Tim Smits

Contact information:
Parkstraat 45 box 3603
3000 Leuven
phone +32-16-32.32.20
fax +32-16-32.04.97