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The Leuven School for Mass Communication Research is a small, but committed group of researchers interested in the empirical study of the uses and effects of the media. We study mass media such as television, newspapers or the internet, but also the mobile phone, video games or music. We look at children and adolescents, but also at adults or senior citizens. We study intentional effects (e.g. health promotion) but also unintended effects (e.g. cultivation, social learning). Our main emphasis is on quantitative research but when the research question calls for a qualitative approach we also organize focus groups or in-depth interviews. We study the uses and gratifications of the media, but also the digital divide and non-adoption. We study how the media affect emotions such as fear, but also how people use the media to adjust their emotions (mood management).

Coordinator: Steven Eggermont


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Recent publications

Recent Research projects

  • The contextual development of cyberspacebullying in early adolescence: a longitudinal and "social network" analysis.More information
  • Cancer Information Survey (CIS) : research into the gathering of information about cancer and its effects in Flanders.More information
  • The impact of media-usage on reckless drive behaviour of youngsters: a longitudinal research.More information
  • The role of massmedia on the image that youngsters form of government: do media images of public core institutions - police and justice - influence the image youngsters have of governement?Meer informatie
  • HIV/AIDS-related Information Needs, Media Use and Communication Behaviour of Urban and Rural Populations of Ethiopia – a Comparative Study.More information
  • Media use and the organization of daily life in families with infants and toddlers.Meer informatie
  • Non-verbal techniques of persuasive communication.Meer informatie
  • The influence of media on the endorsement of personal values in Zambia.More information
  • Selfobjectification and sexual media-effects: an explorative study in early adolescence.More information

Completed Research Projects

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