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Mission, vision and identity

Public Governance Institute: information about our mission, vision and identity

The Public Governance Institute conducts research into different aspects of public governance from a public administration and political science perspective. The results of our research are of value in higher and continuing education, in public organizations, and for society in general.

Our mission is to gain knowledge and insight regarding politics, administration and public policies on  local, regional, federal, European and international levels.  Such knowledge and understanding is in line with the core tasks of the university. We intend to make scientific contributions to an improvement in the policy-making, organization and management of public administrations. In this process, special attention is given to the role of citizens, political parties and government officials.

The KU Leuven Public Governance Institute is an internationally oriented and interdisciplinary research institute that focusses on different aspects of public governance. Both fundamental and applied research are part of our activities, with special attention for theory, empirical research and practice. Comparative research in particular is one of our  core competencies.

We offer a research-based educational program. With this we wish to contribute to lifelong learning and professional up-dating. Our target audience are regular students and government officials as well as political actors. Through our public service we wish to transfer knowledge and insight to administrative and policy practice.

We can summarize our identity by the following characteristics:

  •     International orientation
  •     Interaction of theory and practice
  •     Acknowledgment of the specificity of government
  •     Social involvement
  •     Interaction with the research community as well as policy actors
  •     Critical, yet engaged independence
  •     Enthusiasm for the general interest

The KU Leuven Public Governance Institute means: professionalism, integrity, and togetherness. These values are an anchor point for our organization.

Strategy regarding content

Public governance is a very wide domain. We focus on three distinguishable but partly overlapping clusters within that domain:

Within each cluster we differentiate between a number of research lines. Some research lines are linked to several clusters. For reasons of simplicity we assign all research lines to one cluster.

Public Governance Institute


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