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COST Action IS0601 "Comparative Research into Current Trends in Public Sector Organization - CRIPO" March 2007- March 2011 and the affiliated "Comparative Public Organization Data Base for Research and Analysis - network" - COBRA

Objectives of the COST-CRIPO network   Partners & structure of the COST-CRIPO network and COBRA network
The main objective of the Action is to increase knowledge about current trends in public sector organization in Europe from a European perspective, in an international context, in order to deepen theoretical rigour and optimize methodologies, which will inspire sound and policy-relevant research conclusions.

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Chair: Prof.dr. Geert Bouckaert (Public Governance Institute)
Vice-Chair: Prof. dr. Per Laegreid (Rokkan Centre – University of Bergen)
Project coordinator: dr. Koen Verhoest (Public Governance Institute)
Operational support: Jan Rommel (Public Governance Institute)

European partners in the network – update list of involved countries
Members in the Management Committee

Governance structure

Non-European COBRA partners, affiliated with the COST-CRIPO network  

Objectives of the affiliated COBRA network


Methodologies and databases within the COST-CRIPO and COBRA network

The “Comparative Public Organization Data Base for Research and Analysis – network” is an academic research network in the field of public management. It has been initiated at the Public Governance Institute of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven by the professors Geert Bouckaert and Guy Peters in 2001.
In practice the COBRA network developed mainly activities aimed at developing and replicating a common questionnaire in order to survey senior managers of public sector organisations. The questionnaire focuses on issues of autonomy and control of public sector organisations, in particular, (semi-)autonomous agencies. The aim is to build a cross-country database for comparative descriptive and explanatory analysis.
Since its establishment in 2001, the COBRA network has been expanded by new members in a gradual way. Since 2008-2009 the COBRA network has become strongly affiliated with the COST-CRIPO action. Increasingly both networks are being integrated.
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  Within the COST-CRIPO and the COBRA network, three main methodologies and data gathering strategies are used:
The COBRA survey instrument and related joint database
Complex mapping methodologies with common protocols
Case study research with common protocols
Meetings, conferences and scientific missions   Publications and research papers

Action IS0601: Comparative Research into Current Trends in Public Sector Organization (CRIPO)

COST-CRIPO/CRIPO meetings since 2007:
- High-level Conference for invited Practitioners, Policy-makers and Researchers "Structuring Government in the 21st Century: Managing and Controlling Public Agencies at National and EU-level in times of Crisis", 26 - 27 May 2011, Brussels
- 9th general COST - CRIPO WG and MC meeting, 26 - 27 May 2011, Brussels
- 8th general COST - CRIPO WG and MC meeting, 26 - 28 January 2011, Potsdam (Germany)
- Training school of Action, Meeting on database integration for COBRA, 8-9 November 2010, Rotterdam
- Toulouse meeting, 10 September 2010
- 6th meeting "Comparative Research into Current trends in Public Sector Organization - CRIPO", 27-28 May 2010, Cluj, Romania
- High Leven Seminar, 10-12 March 2010, Leuven - Brussels
- 5th MC meeting and WG II on case study and survey, 4 September 2009, Malta 
- 4th meeting of the MC and high level seminar for invited researcher and practitioners: 20-21 april 2009, Brussels
- 3th meeting of the Management Committee and Joint meeting of the Working Groups: 3-4 June 2008 (Utrecht, Netherlands)
- 2nd meeting of the Management Committee and Joint meeting of the Working Groups: 18-19 September 2007 (INAP Madrid)
- 1st meeting of the Management Committee: 27-28 March 2007

- Extra preparatory meeting on case study research (working group 1 and 2): 5 September 2008 (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands)
- Phd Training School: 14 & 15 October 2008 (Public Governance Institute, Catholic University Louvain)

Rotterdam, March 2007
Leuven, December 2005
Dublin, December 2004
Bergen, December 2003
Leuven, May 2003

COST-CRIPO Short term scientific missions



Publications and research papers

  EGPA Study Group as Discussion Platform
  sbovAn EGPA Study Group has been created as a platform to discuss and confront COBRA and CRIPO related research with other academic research in the field of public sector organisation.The EGPA Study Group on “Governance of Public Sector Organizations" studies various aspects of public sector organizations. Focus is on different types of public sector organizations (ranging from core governmental units, over different kinds of agencies, to state-owned companies, governmental foundations, as well as agencies at supra-governmental level).

Central issues under study are the proliferation, autonomy and control of such organizations; their management, identities, roles, performance and accountability; and their coordination.
The Study Group has its own website with papers, programs and announcements.

High-level Conference, 26-27 May 2011, Brussels
Call for applications STSM 2009-2010
NEW Conference Grant for Early Stage Researchers
Public Governance Institute, KU Leuven
COBRA: Comparative Public Organization Data Base for Research and Analysis
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