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MEPP - Master of European Politics and Policies

Interested in a career in the ever-growing field of European public administration and European organisations? The Master of European Politics and Policies (MEPP) programme is your entrance ticket. You have taken the €rst step with your four-year degree in the humanities or the social sciences, or your professional experience in the public or European sector. The MEPP programme is designed to complement and expand your background in the institutional developments and political processes of your home country and the European Union. It will harness the diversity of the European experience and solidify your professional and research prospects. Elective courses address your areas of specialisation and interest, be they speci€c policy issues, politics, economics or law. And as part of the European Master of Public Administration Network (EMPA), the MEPP programme offers a semester of study abroad, with destinations including Geneva, Budapest, Paris and Milan. But your journey, and future, starts in Leuven – only 20 minutes from the European institutions in Brussels.