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The research of the Center for Political Research focuses on the central institutions and processes of decision-making, inherent in contemporary democracies. Therefore, four major domains are central in the research-strategy of the Section: elections, political parties and social organisations, parliaments and governments. In the analyses and publications both structural and cultural determinants of the functioning of democracies and its patterns of decision-making are taken into consideration, as well as recent dynamic developments along with the analysis of their historic roots. In this respect the Belgian political system is a privileged domain of research, especially from the perspective of comparative research. More information ...


Through education, the Centre strives to provide its students with knowledge, attitudes and skills in order to enable them to contribute to society as responsible citizens and researchers.

Study programmes


lecture prof. wlezien
Prof. Wlezien presenting his research at a lunch seminar in October 2016.



Prof.dr. Marc Hooghe

Faculty of Social Sciences, Centre for Political Research
Parkstraat 45 Bus 3602, BE - 3000 Leuven, Belgium

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