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Investigating new user experience challenges in iTV: mobility & sociability


This workshop was held on saturday, april 22, 2006 at CHI2006 in Montréal.

New: the presentations and results of the workshop and the SIG are now online

See the workshop participants in action (in pictures and video): a short visual account of how the workshop was experienced by the participants.

This workshop is a discussion platform to unfold the design of future interactive television (iTV) scenarios characterized by pervasive communications in contexts of entertainment, work and government, with special attention to the social character of the usage of this media and the implications for interface design.

In particular, it will focus on the use of handhelds and other advanced interfaces (e.g. Interactive Public Displays, spectacles) to extend the iTV social experience outside the home boundaries and to enhance users' communication in diverse contexts.

The workshop will look at how innovative ethno-methodologies, collaborative design approaches and advanced evaluation techniques can lead to the creation and representation of feasible and relevant future communications scenarios that are characterized by a strong collaboration and interaction between users such as mobile iTV.

Workshop organizers will also open up a debate around how to identify suitable applications for the above scenarios as well as related new forms of content and novel interaction models that support social use.

More information can be found in the Extended Abstract (pdf - 57K)

Intended audience

The workshop is intended for practitioners as well as researchers. This includes managers of HCI projects working in the iTV, web and mobile industry (telecom companies, device manufacturers, broadcasters, service and content providers, etc.); industrial designers; user experience architects; human factors practitioners; interface evaluators and testers; HF academics, researchers and students with interests in human computer interaction; designers in general and new trends consultants. Although no particular skills are required, basic knowledge of HCI design issues is recommended.


Montreal, Canada

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