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CeSO Solidarity Lectures 2016

CeSO organises third edition of the Solidarity Lecture Series (October - December 2016). For more information and registration click here.

New publication

Agent-Based Modelling in Population Studies.  Edited by André Grow & Jan Van Bavel

The future of historical Demography. Edited by Koen Matthijs, Saskia Hin, Jan Kok & Hideko Matsuo

Agent-Based Modelling in Population Studies. Edited by André Grow & Jan Van Bavel

Anders en toch gewoon. Families na donorconceptie. Edited by Astrid Indekeu

Using Mixed Methods. Reearch Synthesisfor Literature Reviews. Edited by Mieke Heyvaert, Karin Hannes & Patrick Onghen

Familie en levenskansen in het verleden. Edited by Paul Puschmann, Richard Paping & Koen Matthijs (red.

Verder met LEAN in de zorg. Edited by Marc Rouppe van der Voort & Jos Benders

"Hoe doen multinationals het?" Interview met Valeria Pulignano en Vickie Dekocker(HRMagazine november 2014)