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The Institute for Social and Political Opinion Research (ISPO) does scientific research in the fields of elections, values patterns and ethnic minorities. Using quantitative, qualitative as well as mixed-methods approaches, ISPO investigates (changes in) attitudinal and behavioural patterns of citizens in contemporary societies. With its critical and scientific  approach, ISPO attempts to contribute to the development of theories, concepts and methodological approaches. 


In the picture

  • 14/11: New ISPO report (in Dutch): De houding van de Belgen tegenover de monarchie (Maddens, Billiet, Abts, Gaasendam, Meuleman & Swyngedouw) -  download pdf
  • 16/09: New ISPO report (in Dutch). De Vlaming over zijn sociale zekerheid: voor wat, hoort wat? (Laenen, Meuleman, Abts & Swyngedouw) - download pdf 
  • January 2017: Guest lecture series Dr. Maria Sobolewska @ CeSO - more information 
  • 10/05 - 13/05: 25th Anniversary of ISPO & Francqui Chair 2016 Hanspeter Kriesi - more information 





Ongoing research projects

  • Belgian National Election Studies (1991 - 2014) - more information
  • The Transformation of the Socio-Economic Left – Right Cleavage. Voting behaviour and changing attitudes towards economy and social policies - more information
  • Leuven Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study - more information
  • Deservingness perceptions in European welfare states: Comparative analyses of public opinion on the social rights and duties of needy groups - more information


Recent publications


  • Swyngedouw, M., Gaasendam, C., Abts, K. & Meuleman, B. (2016). Verschillen en complementariteit tussen groene en rode kiezers. Samenleving en Politiek, 23(7), 12-18. - article

  • Jacobs, L., Meeusen, C., d'Haenens, L. (2016). News coverage and attitudes on immigration: Public and commercial television news compared. European Journal of Communication

  • Meeusen, C., Kern, A. (2016). The relation between societal factors and different forms of prejudice: a cross-national approach on target-specific and generalized prejudice. Social Science Research, 55, 1-15. - article

  • Abts, K. (2015). The cordon sanitaire vis-à-vis radical right: between pragmatic, affective and ideological positions. Ethical Perspectives, 22(4), 667-689. - article

  • Laenen, T. (2015). Wie verdient de steun van onze welvaartsstaat?. Samenleving en Politiek, 22(10), 20-26. - article 

  • Schroyens, M., Meuleman, B. & Galle, J. (2015). Welcome to the club? Een comparatieve studie naar het verband tussen integratiebeleid en welvaartschauvinisme. Mens en maatschappij 90(2): 117-142. - article

  • Kulin, J. & Meuleman, B. (2015). Human Values and Welfare State Support in Europe: An East–West Divide? European Sociological Review 31(5): 418-432. - article

  • Click here for more publications.